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CRM implementation

Quality customer service is a necessary condition for your business to succeed. It is not important to buy the dedicated information system in order to implement CRM concept but customer service costs are rising considerably without CRM implementation as well as the growth of a number of vendors. CRM system is implemented in big companies (more than 250 employees) in 30-50% of cases, in medium sized and small companies – in 10-20% of cases.

CRM system implementation in small and medium sized companies differs from CRM system implementation in big ones. Workflow (business process) setup is necessary for the most of big companies, CRM implementation contains 3 steps:
A) Paper workflow customization
B) CRM system customization without workflow (CRM «paper»)
C) Business processes scenarios and its limitations (CRM workflow)

Tight customer service procedures and other limitations are redundant in small and medium sized business and sometimes even keep down the business development. Thus, despite sales strategy and an approach to sales management, you can begin with free CRM system implementation, for example, implementation of the personal version of Galloper CRM Professional.

For CRM system to be customized you should provide educational materials for your managers and executives. For this purpose there are many commercial products for free education.

Whatever CRM system you will work with (the free personal version or the multi-user one), you are able to implement and customize Galloper CRM by yourself, having read our recommendations in our website sections «How to customize»/«Free implementation».


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