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Why Galloper?

Automatic managers’ scheduling of current contact information – Managers do not forget not only to call important clients as well as to manage to do their work at 25% more than normal. Galloper CRM – is the only one system of its kind allowing to fix a scheduling mechanism.

Simple and easy using – you can set and adopt it only for one day without managers’ misunderstanding; a moment’s training (about 15 minutes). Galloper CRM – is one of few systems which allows to accomplish settings of recording customer database for any business.

Effective accounting – Any information will never be lost (even in the case of manager’s dismissal) – it offers an exclusive mean of displaying all information about a customer on a single screen and also restoring detailed contact histories and relations with a client. As for the other CRM information is arranged in numerous tabs.

Advanced facilities of this multiuser version comprise of additional benefits for directors:

Consolidated statements – analysis of results and managers’ quality of work, figuring out weak points in the selling system; permanent improvement of the quality client service.

Marketing reports –analysis of sales, clients at different levels.

Integrated automation – lack of work routine losses, organizational management of all managers with the same database, including managers who has another office location. Even previous approved selling methods lose its effectiveness in the meantime. According to LINEX research companies, which do not use CRM systems, lose about 20 % of customs.

Do not let the chance slip! Download the personal version of Galloper CRM FREE right now, otherwise it can be too late – your every fifth competitor is already using CRM.


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Free training "How to implement CRM within 3 days

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Free training course «How to increase sales by 20%»

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